What is Pixel Realms?
Pixel Realms is an R.P.G. adventure sandbox - or should we say it WILL be. You see we are currently in our development stage and adding more and more every week, and we were hoping you could join us for the ride along with the rest of our 0 users! But enough about that, let's talk about what will become of this humble beginning.

Roam around the realm with your friends raiding dungeons, winning duels, mining for resources, hunting your next meal, exploring caves, fighting robbers, and trading in any towns you pass on the way! Purchase a home in a town or set up your own camp in the wild - who knows, maybe you'll have your own town one day, maybe even your own kingdom! Being a king isn't a walk in the park either. You'll have to defend your citizens and conquer anything you see fit. No matter who you decide to become, whether that be a humble farmer, a valiant swordsman, a sequestered wizard, a marvelous king, or anything in between, it's impossible not to have fun in Pixel Realms.

So what are you waiting for?! Sign up today and get playing, we know you won't be disappointed!
Bunny Death Toll
inDev 0.0.1 - The Fisting Update
The title says it all. Your fists now have more power than ever before! You can now hit objects from further away, bunnies are even easier to kill, and many more objects can be harvested (flowers and bunny bodies). Also a personal bunny death toll has been added, and a high score board is soon to come!
inDev 0.0 - The First Release!
Well, what can we say, it's finally here! Now we know there isn't much to do yet, but we just couldn't wait to show off what we have so far. Get in there and start killing some bunnies!